Church Backdrops

Church SetStretch fabric structures (aka spandex or tension fabric shapes) are a great way to modernize a worship space, creating unique church backdrops. Churches are looking for ways to update without the high cost (and months of time required!) of construction. If you need to transform a space to make it more contemporary and you need to do it quickly and affordably, we have a solution.

Multipurpose buildings are often used for youth facilities, temporary worship spaces, or for an outreach to a special segment of the church who may speak a different language ( ESL ) from the main body and therefore are more comfortable in a separate setting.

Portable churches are also meeting in a variety of rented facilities like schools or store fronts and may have to completely reset the venue after their service. They have a limited amount of time to set their church backdrops and then must make it all disappear quickly using volunteers to make it all happen.

Gospel RetreatMinistry outreach programs and musical ministry groups may also tour and do summer camp related programs to youth groups around the country.

In each of these cases, a portable, professional stage set church backdrop is very important in communicating your message in a visually pleasing (but not distracting) way. The stretch shapes give a pleasant depth of field for your video recordings and provide a consistent setting to frame your shots, not to mention masking any ugliness that may be in the shot. If you are recording your services, a professional backdrop will provide a great surface for lighting so that you can change the background feel (cue) according to the mood of the segment. A better recording means more demand for the message and wider distribution, so it is a gain in every sense.

Our stretch fabric decor is also available for short term rental.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you design your church backdrops.